Making life easier

We have been listening to feedback from our users (as always) and have a couple of new updates coming in the next few days.

The first is to enable the headteacher on the system to see all objectives added by users, along with limited editing capability. This will enhance the quality assurance of objectives through the system leading a an easier moderation process at the end of the cycle.

The second addition is to add a new chart to the Data Dashboard to drill down even further into the observation data on the system. Continue reading “Making life easier”

New Headteacher Standards

The new Professional Standards for headteachers were published yesterday (19th January 2015) These standards are to help improve the practice and development of:

  • headteachers
  • governing boards
  • aspiring headteachers

They replace the the old standards which were last updated in 2004. The new standards have been well-received. The review body have also recommended that a full review of the standards be carried out at five-yearly intervals to ensure they remain up to date.
The standards can be accessed on the website.