Careers Guidance in Schools – 12 months on.

The updated position on statutory careers guidance for schools has been in operation for 12 months.

Although the DfE stated that the new guidance contained relatively few changes, key areas were strengthened and schools should now be able to demonstrate that they are aware of these and have a strategy in place.

There is growing evidence that inspections are looking at and commenting on provision and compliance.

Careers guidance, character education, enterprise and employability are currently key areas the DfE are promoting and supporting with grant funding for some projects. Currently there is no additional funding directly to schools.

What should schools be aware of?

A reinforced focus on the value of improved careers guidance in preparing young people for employment and employability.

The need for schools to have a clear strategy for careers guidance, and for Governors to be involved and aware of this. In practice having a clear plan with identified outcomes is a real plus for schools. Continue reading “Careers Guidance in Schools – 12 months on.”