The simple, effective and affordable approach to appraisal.

Filio Appraisal provides a straightforward, consistent and transparent appraisal process, which supports both the appraisee and appraiser. Setting objectives, collecting evidence, review and reporting are all incorporated in a user friendly and intuitive system, which includes recognition of training and development needs. Filio Appraisal automatically pulls together information and creates an individual review and appraisal report for each user enabling evidence to be triangulated. All information is stored securely and can be viewed online or printed.

“Filio is very easy to use and an effective tool for Performance Management. Staff can readily upload documents and evidence to demonstrate how they are meeting their objectives. SLT have found it a very effective tool for tracking observations across the school”   

Sandbach School

Filio works on EVERYTHING!


How does Filio support appraisal and review?

“I really appreciate the support we have had from Filio, you seem to understand the pace schools work at, probably because you have come from the world of education quite recently.
Filio as a system is definitely working for us.”

Beechwood Primary School

Why do schools choose Filio?

“Filio is being used by all our primary schools in Plymouth as a way of giving ownership of appraisals to staff – both teaching and non-teaching …. staff now talk about ‘Filio’ moments. That means when they feel something has gone really well, they want to capture that as evidence in their big storage cabinet in the sky!
I am very impressed with filio both in terms of its potential as well as the team who offer support.”
Holycross School

What does it cost?

We have a transparent pricing policy.
Filio is sold as a yearly subscription. The prices below are for the complete system with all features included.

One year subscription.

For Secondary Schools
£975/year + VAT
For Primary Schools
£475/year + VAT

Multiple year discounts (paid up front)

Two Year Subscription
5% Discount + VAT
Three Year Subscription
10% Discount + VAT

Group discounts

Discounts are available for groups, federations and/or academy chains – please contact us to discuss your needs. 

When can I start?

Central set-up of your system takes less than a week from your decision to purchase and includes your choice of colour (from a selection) and logo. Your subscription includes administrator functions enabling you to control your own account including adding and removing users as required. 

Filio is very easy to use and comes with help ‘icons’ on all key features. There is also a support centre for queries and technical support.

Filio comes with quick system guides for both users and administrators. Should you require any additional input or training – for example if you are developing an appraisal process or holding whole staff training and need support – we can provide this for £300 a day or less for 1/2 a day.