How are you quality assuring the development of your Multi Academy Trust?

The Department for Education and the National Schools Commissioner have identified key characteristics to assess and inform the development of Academy Trusts.
Filio TrustQA is a simple, easy to use, but powerful project management tool helping you plan, evaluate your work and demonstrate how you are making a difference to the schools and students in your group.

How does it work?

Taking a strategic approach, assessing risk, evidencing actions and regularly reviewing progress are fundamental elements of good quality assurance and effective organisational management.

Pre populated with the 9 Characteristics framework

Integrated action plan to manage implementation

Includes an easy to use Risk Register

Automatically generates reviews for Board meetings and external quality assurance.

Assess the status of your progress towards leading.

Add evidence and link to actions and characteristics.

Keep records and documentation safe and easy to access.

Increases confidence in your ability to manage your Trust effectively.

A professional quality assurance process for your Trust
Demonstrate how you are making a difference.

Why choose us?

Filio systems are already being used by thousands of teachers in hundreds of schools to support appraisal and professional development. Filio systems are recognised for their ease of use and value for money. We have earned a reputation for the professional and supportive approach we take to working with schools and school leaders.

Filio TrustQA builds on this success, developing and enhancing key features to support the essential work being done by Multi-Academy Trusts and their partners.

When can I start?

Central set-up of a standard system takes less than a week from your decision to purchase and includes your choice of colour (from a selection) and logo. Your subscription includes administrator functions enabling you to control your own account including adding and removing users as required. 

Filio TrustQA is very easy to use and comes with help ‘icons’ on all key features. There is also a support centre for queries and technical support.

Filio TrustQA comes with quick system guides for both users and administrators.

What does it cost?

We have a transparent pricing policy.
Filio Trust QA is sold as a yearly subscription. The prices below are for the complete system with all features included.

One year subscription.

Up to 5 Schools
£1,500/year + VAT
Plus per additional school
£200/year + VAT

Multiple year discounts (paid up front)

Two Year Subscription
5% Discount + VAT
Three Year Subscription
10% Discount + VAT

We can provide consultancy and training support if required at an additional cost.